I’ve got nothing.

by Amanda Peterson

I’ve got nothing. Am I the only one who has experienced that?  Inspiration seems like a fickle energy some days.   The funny or meaningful story, sermon, art work, class plan just doesn’t come. Just showing up becomes challenging work.  Yet here I am showing up and I’ve got nothing. One of my favorite definitions of contemplation is “a long loving look at the real.”  Developing one’s spirituality is rooted in being real.  And somedays real is just nothing.

Once the truth is stated there is a freedom to dwell in the loving part of that definition.  Maybe the nothing is a something.  Maybe the nothing helps point to the Something without expectations, duty or shoulds.  I do know when life is like this I listen, wonder, and notice life a bit differently.  For instance, I have been creating a lot lately so when nothing is there I look around at my life.  What have I let go during a very fruitful and inspired time?  Nothing times allow space to take care of home,  relationships and one’s soul.  Maybe having nothing isn’t so bad after all.  Maybe the nothing is a call to Something.


Are nothing times a call to “take care”?  What in your life needs your care right now?

image: © original artwork by Amanda Peterson