Remains by Davin Franklin-Hicks, Southwest Conference Blog, United Church of Christ


by Davin Franklin-Hicks

How do we make sense of an internal commitment to love while the external world is spewing so much fear, and so much hate?

These are my efforts to reconcile that reality. 

Anger, fear, and hate exist as a demonstration of futility. These emotions and states of mind are finite, limited and diminishing. It can feel powerful. It can feel easy and safe. It can feel certain and strong. It is the very opposite of this, though. 

These states of mind and emotion have the largest taxation on our soul. It’s exhausting. They cannot be sustained and leave us lonely, empty and lost.

Anger, fear and hate occur when we are idle and reactive. 

Love is cultivated and nurtured in our skillful, intentional actions. 

Love is powerful. It can be steady, understated and quiet. It can be fierce, passionate, charged. Love holds us, replenishes us again and again.

While hate languishes and grapples and clings and begs and wails and cries as it dies…

Love remains. 

One thought on “Remains”

  1. My experience also. Very well said. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, experience, compasssion, and articulating it so well and concisely. Yes! Amen. Thank you for your ministry!

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