Amos Smith

Amos is a family man, hiker, seasoned Centering Prayer practitioner, retreat leader, Contemplative Christian writer, amateur musician, dish washer, desert dweller, and ordained United Church of Christ (UCC) pastor. His writing has been published in various newspapers and magazines including The Billings Gazette, The Spokesman Review, Friends Journal: Quaker Thought and Life Today, and Chicago Seminary Press.

Amos published his first book, Healing The Divide: Recovering Christianity’s Mystic Roots with Wipf & Stock Publishers in 2013. The book has been well- received and reviewed, and is part of the curriculum for the Living School of The Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC | Richard Rohr).

Amos’ next book, Primordial Freedom: Meditations on Mystical Passages of Scripture, will come out in 2016. Amos is also working on a book co-authored with Rich Lewis titled Dynamic Union: Historical Jesus and Cosmic Christ scheduled to come out in 2017. For more on Amos’ organization, Recover Christianity’s Mystic Roots (RCMR), visit

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